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Creating Job (Basic)

In this section we will only go over the basic aspect of jobs and their creation. The job will contain information about the client, his tree inventory, and the services you are offering him. If you ever work for the same client again, you will be able to create a new file which will already contain the client's information and well as his inventory.

Job Page
Job Page


  • Main Arborist: The arborist who will be working on this job. His name and contact information will appear on the quote, the worker order, the invoice and the receipt.
  • Lead: The employee who found the lead for this job. This will only be used in reports, and won't appear on any job related documents.
  • ID Prefix: Prefix can be used to differentiate between jobs created by different iPads. If set to anything beside 0, it will be added alongside a dash before the ID (ie: 2-000057 instead of 000057)

Client Info

  • Name: Client name
  • Address: Client address
  • Email: Client email address
  • Phone Number: Client phone number
  • State / Province: Client region
  • Tax: Tax associated to the client's region (will be set automatically based on the selected region)
  • Language: Language of the documents & emails sent to the client
  • Work Site Address: Location where the work will take place (can be left empty if it's the same as the client address)
  • Work Site Contact: Client's representative at the work site (can be left empty if it's the client)
Tree Page
Tree Page


The trees you will be working with. For each tree you will be able to select the services you plan on doing (assuming the services have already been created). You can also disable trees, which will allow you to de-clutter your map and other documents, while keeping the tree for future jobs.

  • Species: Tree species
  • DBH: Tree Diameter at Breast Height, unit used will be shown in parentheses
  • DSH: Tree Diameter at Stump Height, unit used will be shown in parentheses
  • Custom Name: A personalized named for the tree. By default it will be named by its species and ID
  • Risk Factor: Tree's risk factor, will only appear in Tree Reports
  • Notes: Notes about the tree
  • Latitude: Latitudinal position of the tree
  • Longitude: Longitudinal position of the tree
Service Page
Service Page


The services you will be performing for this job. For each service, you will be able to associate them to trees you've previously entered. You can also disable services, removing them from the quote.

  • Service Type: Type of service
  • Variable: Value of the variable for the formula (only visible if the service has a formula with a custom entry)
  • Cost: The sum of the Extra Cost and the cost associated with each tree
  • Extra Cost: The cost of the service that is not associated with a specific tree
  • Formula: Option to disable the formula (if any)
  • Notes: Notes about the service, these will appear on every document
  • Work Order Notes: Notes about the service, these will only appear on the work order
Status Page
Status Page


The status is used to determine where the job is in its life-cycle. You will always have the option of going back a step by clicking edit.

  • New: Job has just been created, waiting for quote to be sent
  • Submitted: Quote has been sent, waiting for client approval
  • Work Order: Quote has been accepted, ready to start work
  • Owing: Work has been completed, awaiting payment
  • Paid: Job has been paid for