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Initial Setup

Before being able to use LeafBook, you will have to fill in a few settings. This information will be used to properly generate various documents, such as the quotes. It will also help to calculate the costs, taxes and fees for each job.


To go into the setting section you will need to click on the little gear situated at the top left corner.

You can set both French and English names for some settings. If you set only one of the languages, the app will use it, regardless of the language used to produce the document.

Some settings (such as tree species) are dynamic lists that you will be able to fill to suit your needs. In order to avoid creating quotes or receipt with missing information, you will not be able to delete one of these objects while it is being used in a job. However, you will always have the option of disabling them in order to have them removed from your list.

iPad Settings

Setting Page
Setting Page

The iPad settings are specific to the iPad you are currently working on, and will not be sent when syncing the app.

  • Main Worker: The worker who will be using this iPad
  • Job ID Prefix: Used to differentiate between jobs created by different iPads. If set to anything beside 0, it will be added alongside a dash before the ID (ie: 2-000057 instead of 000057)

Company Info

  • Name: Name of your Company
  • Phone Number: Company phone number
  • Email: Company Email address
  • Website: Company website
  • Business Number: Company's business number
  • Address Line 1: First line of Company address
  • Address Line 2: Second line of Company address
  • Date Format: Format used to write the date (you can find a list of format specifiers here)
  • DBH Units: Units for Diameter at Breast Height (centimetres or inches)
  • DSH Units: Units for Diameter at Stump Height (centimetres or inches)
  • Logo: Company Logo

PDF Settings

These settings will allow you to save the pdf you generate for your jobs and/or bcc them to another account. We recommend that you save the quotes you send to avoid confusion in the case you accidentally delete something.

Worker Page
Worker Page


Contact information for each worker. Will use the Company information if the phone or email entry is left blank

  • Name: Worker Name
  • ISA: Worker International Society of Arboriculture identification number
  • Phone: Worker phone number
  • Email: Worker email address
Tree Species Page
Tree Species Page

Tree Species

The tree species you will be working with. There is no need to fill in the list before starting to use the app, as you will be able to add them on the fly while working.

  • English: Species name in English
  • Français: Species name in French
  • Latin: Species name in Latin
Service Type Page
Service Type Page

Service Types

The types of services you will be offering. There is no need to fill in the list before starting to use the app, as you will be able to add them on the fly while working. You may also set formulas for each service. You can look here for more information on formulas.

  • English: Service name in English
  • Français: Service name in French
State/Provinces Page
State/Provinces Page


  • Name: Region name
  • Tax: Region Tax
  • Additional text for the PDFs: Extra text that will be added to the quotes, work orders, invoices and receipts. For example, you could add your NEQ and TVQ for Quebec.
Payment Type Page
Payment Type Page

Payment Type

  • English: Payment type in English
  • Français: Payment type in French
  • Payable To: Who should the payment be made to
  • Processing Fee: Extra fee associated with this method of payment
Edit Text Page
Edit Text Page


The messages to be sent along with various documents, as well as other customizable messages. The list of available variables will be in the editor under "[Variables]".

  • Email Quote: Default message sent along with the quote
  • Email Invoice: Default message sent along with the invoice
  • Email Receipt: Default message sent along with the receipt
  • Signature: Signature for email sent via the app (leave blank if you already have one)
  • Quote Footer: Extra text added at the bottom of the quotes. For example, you can add your warranty, late fee, etc